Thursday, January 16, 2014

Leaving the Bellweathers

Title: Leaving the Bellweathers
Author: Kristin Clark Venuti
Age Range: 9-12 years ; grades 3-7
Genre: humorous ; family

Imagine if the Penderwicks were quite potty or the Moffats were mad and mischievous; you would have a close match to the Bellweather family. The children – Spider, Nina, and triplets Brick, Sassy, and Spike – are super smart, very crafty, and dreadfully creative. Professor and Mrs. Bellweather are extremely eccentric and dreamily distracted. None of this is good news for the family butler, Tristan Benway. Little do the Bellweathers know, Benway is eagerly counting down the days, hours, and minutes until he can abandon this family and their wild animals, bagpipes, and other means of making mess and mayhem. Hilarity ensues at every turn. This is a great choice for the reader who enjoyed the Series of Unfortunate Events, with the especially fun difference that the adults are in peril at the hands of these benignly dastardly and dangerous children. Readers who relish wacky family stories, improbable escapades, and seeing children triumph will enjoy Leaving the Bellweathers.

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