Friday, May 2, 2014


by Lori Nichols

Ages: 0-6 years (approximately grades preschool – 1)

This is a lovely, sweet story about sisters that starts with a girl named Maple who loves her name and where she got it. Her parents planted a maple tree when Maple was “still a whisper.” Maple grew up with her tree and made it her friend, playing with it and taking care of it throughout the seasons. One day, Maple notices a sprout by her maple tree. Soon after her sister, Willow, is born and Maple is sure to let Willow know just how special she is, just like she did with her maple tree.

A story that starts and ends with the power and importance of a name and a namesake, Maple is a beautiful story with even more beautiful illustrations. The characters (mainly Maple and Willow) are reminiscent of the popular Peanut characters, very simple cartoons with subtle coloring, with slightly more intricate backgrounds than Charles M. Schulz gave his gang. This simple story is sure to hit a sweet spot with new big sisters, a child with a tangible namesake, or any child that has a special object or shrubbery in their life.

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