Friday, August 22, 2014

Pom and Pim

by Lena and Olof Landstrom

Ages: 0-6 years (approximately grades preschool – kindergarten)

Pom and Pim, a child and indiscernible stuffed animal, experience a day of ups and downs. While the warm sun shines (“What luck!”) on the beginning of their walk, Pom trips over a rock (“Ouch! Bad Luck”), only to fall directly upon a $20 note (“What luck!”) with which the duo buys a scrumptious ice cream treat. This rise and fall of luck continues throughout Pom and Pim’s adventure and, while perhaps predictable, the ending captures the lighthearted point-of-view that perhaps your luck isn’t what befalls you, but how you react to it.

Simplistic in its story, syntax, and illustrations, Pom and Pim is perfect for both beginning readers and read-alouds. In fact, the illustrations alone tell the story that the accompanying words simply clarify, making for a wonderful opportunity to predict “What happens next?” Children and adults alike are sure to be charmed by the simplistic illustrations and descriptions of both Pom and Pim, as neither are truly discernible in what they are (gender in Pom’s case, type of stuffed animal in Pim’s); they can truly be every-child and every-lovable-stuffed-thing. Easily imagining themselves in Pom and Pim’s situation, this quick read is sure to have readers looking on the bright side, and wanting to read it again! For those who find the stuffed-friend companionship in Corduroy appealing, or those who enjoy the simplicity but vibrant nature of Eric Carle’s illustrations, Pom and Pim is for you.

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