Friday, September 5, 2014

Exclamation Mark

by: Amy Krouse Rosenthal & Tom Lichtenheld

Ages: 0 - 9 years (approximately grades preschool – 3)

A special little punctuation isn’t sure where he fits in. In fact, he always finds himself standing out, even when he tries so desperately to fit in. Even when he scrunches and squishes himself down, he never quite feels like part of the group… period. One day, he meets a very interrogative fellow who won’t leave even a moment of silence with all of his questions. Fed up, our punctual hero cries “STOP!” unleashing the very thing he knows he was born to do: stand out! After showing his friends his newfound talent for exclaiming, he goes off to make his mark on the world…

This very fun story explores punctuation in a way that is accessible for all ages. Younger readers will have their first meeting with the different forms of punctuation in a very personable way, while older readers will revel in the oh-so-clever puns and double entendres while the various forms of punctuation interact with each other. Overall, this book is simply about a lost soul finally finding himself, a message that we can all relate to and revel in its importance. Exclamation Mark will enthrall readers who enjoyed Little Red Writing and 123 Versus ABC, as well as those who like a zippy plot with a happy ending.

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