Tuesday, March 18, 2014

That is NOT a Good Idea!

written and illustrated by Mo Willems

Ages: 0-8 years (approximately grades preschool - 2)

Fox meets Goose. Goose meets Fox. One sees a strolling companion. The other sees dinner. After a lucky invitation to soup in Fox’s kitchen, Goose finds herself in the perfect position to make her family’s favorite dish. Meanwhile, a growing number of chicks repeatedly try to warn the unsuspecting victim of his eminent doom in this courtship. The entire narrative leading up to the conclusion makes readers believe Fox has it in for meek, innocent Goose when, in the end, it’s the other way around- Fox is outfoxed and the geese (mother and chicks) feast!

Styled after an old-timey silent film, with a snapshot of the main characters with their corresponding dialogue in an ornately framed black background, this Mo Willems tale has all the intrigue and surprise of his better-known Pigeon or Elephant and Piggie tales. This particular story is so fun because of the repetition of the chicks’ warning (as well as their growing number with each consecutive warning) hides the fact that the obvious outcome isn’t what readers should expect. The proof is in the first turn of the page when the Fox exclaims “What luck!” and the Goose exclaims “Dinner!” Because, you know what they say about assuming…

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