Friday, March 7, 2014

Unicorn Thinks He’s Pretty Great

written and illustrated by Bob Shea

Ages: 0-8 years (approximately grades kindergarten - 2)

Unicorn and Goat, best of friends! But not at first, no siree. Goat thinks he’s pretty cool –doing magic tricks, riding his bike, and busting a dance move or two- until Unicorn moves into town and shows him up in every way imaginable. What a bummer! Goat decides that Unicorn is obviously much cooler than he could ever be and resigns himself to eating a nice piece of goat cheese pizza. Unicorn walks his wonderful self on by and wonders what could possibly smell so wonderful. As Goat explains his ability to make cheese, Goat discovers all of the unique things he can do that Unicorn just isn’t cut out for (such as head-butting a soccer ball and climbing mountains). As a matter of fact, it sounds like Unicorn thinks Goat is pretty great! After the revelation that everyone is good at different things, Goat decides that he and Unicorn would be a great crime-fighting team and they become, well, the best of friends!

Bob Shea, author of the Dinosaur vs. books (as well as many others!), takes on the challenging topics of overcoming jealousy, discovering your own unique talents, and making friends in the least likely of places in his new Unicorn Thinks Hes Pretty Great. In this librarian’s opinion, he hits all of those targets with flying, rainbow glittery, unicorn colors. Illustrations are fun, colorful, and sway to the comic book/graphic novel side of the art spectrum with Shea’s signature, scribbly style throughout. This title is best suited for children ages 5-8 (roughly kindergarten through second grade) who enjoy Shea’s other funny titles, superheroes and crime fighting, goats, or unicorns.

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