Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Feathers: Not Just for Flying

written by Melissa Steward
illustrated by Sarah S. Brannen

Ages: 4-9 years (approximately grades preschool – 4)

It’s spring, and all the birds are coming back from their winter vacations. Just look up and you’ll see them all across the sky. Have you ever noticed how many different types of birds there are, and wondered why some of them fly, some of them swim, and some of them waddle? Or how some of them live in the tropical oceans and some of them live in the snowy arctic? Feathers: Not Just for Flying, is a brilliant, easy introduction into the versatility of the many types of feathers there are on birds who live all over the world.

Each feather is presented on a scrapbook-formatted page with a detailed illustration accompanied by a large-print explanation of what the it does, often likened to an ordinary object that young readers are sure to be familiar with (ex: “Feathers can shade out the sun like an umbrella…”). Along with these big, coverall descriptions, is a smaller, seemingly handwritten blurb going further into depth about the science behind the feather’s function, and on which bird the feather might be found. With this wide range of presented information, Feathers is a great read for bird lovers of all ages, abilities, shapes, and sizes.

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