Friday, April 11, 2014

The Snatchabook: Who's Stealing All the Stories?

written by Helen Docherty
illustrated by Thomas Docherty

Ages: 0-8 (approximately grades preschool – 1)

A beautifully illustrated woodland setting provides the enticing backdrop for this charming tale. Each night all the creatures of the woods settle into their beds for a goodnight story only to be interrupted by a tiny little animal, snatching their books! Eliza Brown, a rabbit living in tree burrow number three, confronts the thief, only to find out it is a wee, winged creature called Snatchabook. In truth, Snatchabook is not scary at all! He just longs for someone to read to him each night. Eliza Brown helps him return the stolen books to their rightful owners in Burrow Down. He apologizes to the owl, hedgehog, badger, squirrel and rabbit. After making a “wrong into a right”, each night Snatchabook is invited into some animal’s burrow or home for a bed time story.

This charming, enchantingly illustrated book is set in imperfect yet pleasing verse. It reminds of a series written in 1999, Brambly Hedge, of woodland animals in their forest homes. Snatchabook was first published in the U.K. by Alison Green Books, an imprint of Scholastic, Ltd. In 2013, Sourcebooks Jabberwocky of Naperville, Illinois produced it for distribution in the U.S. This story is a delight no matter what side of the pond you hail from.

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