Tuesday, February 11, 2014


written by Aaron Reynolds
illustrated by Dan Santat

Ages: 0-8 years (approximately grades preschool - 3)

What most animals have to say about lions, sharks, and wolves probably wouldn’t surprise you. But how do these terrifying man-eaters feel about their ill reception? As it so happens, these three creatures have created a support group for carnivores like themselves because they feel hurt and misunderstood by their fellow animals. In order to support each other, the lion, great white shark, and timber wolf devise some cunning plans to help them become less intimidating (vegetarianism) or to stay unnoticed as what they really are (costumes), all of which blow up in their ferocious faces. It isn’t until the great horned owl attends their carnivores’ support group meeting and gives the three struggling carnivores some wise advice that they learn to embrace their carnivorous nature and make the most of what nature has made them.

Although there is a bit of implied gruesomeness (think a sneaky wolf lurking behind a bunny, a hungry-looking shark swimming just below some floating seagulls), this book pairs a novel concept with exaggerated, comic-book-like illustrations to create a hilarious overall tone. Sending a wonderful message of accepting yourself for who you are, Carnivores will be enjoyed by children birth through 8 years old. It is a great story for those who enjoy ThatIs NOT a Good Idea! by Mo Willems, as well as fable and fairy tale connoisseurs (think TheGingerbread Man) and budding zoologists.

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