Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tea Rex

written and illustrated by Molly Idle

Ages: 3-7 years (grades preschool – 1)

Cordelia and her brother invite Mr. Rex over for tea time in this clever wordplay of a title. What happens next is just about what anyone would expect from a Tyrannosaurus Rex attending a tea party. A prim and proper explanation of how to throw a tea party and what to expect of your guests accompanies illustrated evidence of how it actually plays out when a T-Rex is in attendance. Pouring tea, having an assortment of snacks, and ending the party with a bit of music and dancing are all very standard expectations that go horribly awry this time around. One can only wonder what might happen when Cordelia and her brother receive their own invitation to a tea party hosted by none other than Mr. Rex!

This title is a great fit for both sides of the spectrum: the rough-and-tumble dinosaur lovers and the ladylike tea-party-goers alike will be enthralled with this best-of-both-worlds tale. Best suited for ages 3-7 years (grades preschool – first), children will get more from this book in one-on-one sessions where they are able to see that the illustrations do not fit very well with the words on the page. This juxtaposition of words versus illustrations in Tea Rex is a wonderful way to keep readers engaged and building early literacy and critical thinking skills. Who would have thought you could get all of that by simply attending a tea party?

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