Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Mr. Tiger Goes Wild

written and illustrated by Peter Brown

Ages: 0-8 years (approximately grades preschool - 2)

Mr. Tiger lives in a very proper society of well-to-do animals; a society that Mr. Tiger finds, quite frankly, boring. No longer able to tolerate his unhappiness in exchanging empty pleasantries and donning dapper attire, Mr. Tiger takes the steps to follow his heart and express himself beyond the restraints imposed within his town. It begins with Mr. Tiger taking to all fours, proceeds with a bit of frolicking and roaring, and ends with fleeing into the wilderness where he can be as wild as he wants without the stares and judgment of his friends and neighbors. Despite his newfound freedom and the candid self-expression that comes with it, Mr. Tiger becomes lonely and misses his town and friends. Upon returning to his home, he finds that things have changed in his absence; a change that most likely took place because he went wild!

A 2013 Caldecott Medal nominee for his illustrations in CreepyCarrots, Peter Brown adds to his children’sbook repertoire with a fantastic story paired with amazing art in Mr. Tiger Goes Wild. Mr. Tiger’s world begins looking very drab, with a monochromatic theme- save, of course, for Mr. Tiger, who is a vibrant orange. As the story progresses from mundane to manic, the color scheme becomes more varied and vibrant. A quick read and overall whimsical, amusing story, Mr. Tiger Goes Wild is best for younger readers, ages birth to 8 years. Readers who enjoy the humorous works of MoWillems or the lovely illustrations of EricCarle will enjoy this tale. 

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